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  1. I apologize that June’s entertainment was not put up I will make sure to get July’s added. All of the information for Fiesta Week is on the Home Page though. I hope you have come out and enjoyed the festivities!

    Thank you,
    Branch 43

    1. Hi Bob,

      Please see the calendar on the main page of our website. The entertainment for June and July have now been added.

      We look forward to seeing you out at the branch!

      Branch 43

  2. Would you mind posting the daily events for The Whiskey River Saloon ?
    It looks like it will be a fun week at BR 43 and I’m sure that many of the daily
    events will be hard to pass up on. It would be appreciated if we could see
    these ahead of time.
    Thank You.

    1. Hi Paul,

      My apologies, the entertainment was added to our calendar but in the wrong week. Everything has now been changed to the correct days.

      We look forward to seeing you out supporting the branch!
      Branch 43

      1. Hi Dave,

        I have looked at our entertainment schedules and am not seeing any entertainment scheduled for the 5th and 6th of August. I am sorry for any mix up that may have happened and hope to see you out at future events!

        Branch 43

  3. *** Special Event***
    Norm Christie at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43 Oshawa
    May 6, 2018 3:30 PM
    Branch 43
    471 Simcoe St S, Oshawa
    Phone: (905) 723-9211
    Tickets $5.00

    Mr. Norm Christie, one of Canada’s leading Military Historians, will be speaking on the following topics SUNDAY May 6, 2018 beginning at 3:30 pm:

    1) Norm Christie outlines the history of the development of the Canadian Corps from the early days in 1915-16 as inexperienced Colonials, to 1917-18 when they became the most effective fighting force on the Western Front. How did this incredible transformation happen? Who were the players and personalities that made it happen? How was it all forgotten?

    2) Mr. Christie will also update us on the progress of his campaign to recover 44 lost Canadian soldiers at Vimy Ridge.
    On April 9, 1917 the Canadian Corps, 100,000 strong, attacked the German stronghold of Vimy Ridge. Losses were heavy; 10,000 casualties, including 3600 dead. Canadian burial squads followed the attack, burying the dead in temporary battlefield cemeteries. 44 of the Canadian Scottish were buried in a mine crater, designated CA40. CA40 was designated to be exhumed and moved to Nine Elms Cemetery, but there is no evidence of any of the men from CA40 there. Mr. Christie has been working tirelessly for some 2 years to raise the $110,000 necessary to pinpoint the location of CA40 and recover these men for proper burial.

  4. St. Gregory The Great Cemetery Great War Restoration Project

    As of March 24, 2018, the Project has received $1760 in donations with the addition of another $50 anonymous donation received through Mr. Gerry Dobbin President Branch 637 on Thursday of this week.

    This money will be turned over to Ms. Glorianne Hopper Manager Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Services Archdiocese of Toronto. Her Department will add the remaining funds required to have their contractor complete the restoration of the Monument. This Company is well know for the quality of its services and the drawing outlining the proposed work show a great attention to detail. The work will be completed well in advance of the projected rededication date of Nov 10, 2018. This will complete Branch 43 and 637’s combined effort to mark the 100th Anniversary of The Great War.
    The Project is dedicated to recognizing the sacrifices of all those men and women, but especially those of Oshawa, who fell in the War or who survived to return home to struggle with the memories of their experiences. As well, we recognize the sacrifices of the families and the Communities who help them.
    We Will Remember Them

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