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  1. Thank you! Legion Branch Historian Bob Ross & all volunteers who participated with the research, for your hard work completing the re-dedication project of the war memorial. The 100th year Tribute to the Veterans of “The Great War” re-dedication to take place Sat. Nov.10/18 @ St. Gregory’s Cemetary Simcoe St N. of Beatrice. Proceedings start:10:30 A.M. Free parking at school, church & grocery store on Simcoe St. N. We Will Remember Them! Royal Canadian Legion Br. 43

  2. It would be really nice if you would name the entertainment in the calander on Saturday night. It takes away from the bar if people have to phone to find out who’s playing .

    1. Hi Marilyn, the instructions are now posted above the web calendar with how you may access all the information for the events. Click on the emogi or the agenda. The entertainment is also available in the clubroom books on the tables,flyers at the bar & posted on the wall calendar in the clubroom. The monthly entertainment leaflets are available at the bar for your convenience as well. Enjoy the weekly events!

      1. Hi Marilyn the web site was probably being updated at that time. This web site is the events web site only. Please try again thx!

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