Since inception in 1926, Legion strives to secure adequate pensions and benefits for veterans and their dependants, dealing directly with Federal Government

Major responsibility for the perpetuation of “REMEMBRANCE” in Canada through the Annual Poppy Campaign reminding Canadians of the 117,000 men and women who gave their lives in the wars and military missions around the world
Poppy funds collected are used for assistance to veterans, ex-service members and their families who are in need
Legion supports programs for seniors, community, housing, Long Term Care, youth, education, sports, Cadets, Guides and Scouts

By 1918

more than 15 veterans’ groups and regimental associations with common goals but fragmented and largely unsuccessful


Appeal for Unity led to formation of Dominion Veterans Alliance
Legion founded at Winnipeg in November, 1925 as the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League (BESL) and incorporated in 1926


founded in 1921 as coalition of Britain, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and is now known as the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) with 57 member organizations from 47 nations
Legion goals of providing strong voice for veterans and to advise the government maintained and Legion became a persuasive advocate for pension legislation and other benefits (treatment and appeals procedures, returned soldiers’ insurance and assistance for those with tuberculosis) for veterans and their families


passage of War Veterans’ Allowance Act won financial assistance for men who had not been eligible for disability pensions even though they had been incapacitated by war service
The Second World War saw increased Legion efforts with in-theatre comfort, canteens, entertainment at home and abroad as well as courses to assist their return to civilian life
From the outset of the war, the Legion prepared for the troops’ return with financial compensation, clothing allowances, pensions, medical treatment, training and land settlements. This nation-wide network of professional assistance continues today


The Great War Veterans’ Association of Newfoundland amalgamated with the Canadian Legion of the BESL
Support for the troops continued during the Korean War, and after, the Legion became increasingly involved in the community


”Royal” added to the Legion’s name with the Queen’s consent


New Veterans Charter raises the complexity of claims
Efforts to improve lives of veterans and ex-service members succeed due to the Legion’s membership at all levels including Veterans Independence Program, spousal benefits, Pension Review Board and recognition of Dieppe and Hong Kong veterans

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